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Petition to put Hawkeye’s disability and use of a hearing aid in Marvel Cinematic Universe please and thank-you

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I did a lot of really good stuff toward recovery and coping! I’m trying to work on simplifying my life to use up less spoons, etc. I even made a little tool on the wall, with cups for spoons today, used, and bent. Bent represents lost through something unfortunate like chronic pain really bringing me down, and used is better, just doing anything like going to the store or dishes (so usually good things.) I’ve been finding that I have maybe, 4-8 on any given day and honestly when I get down to none I am destructive and suicidal. So this tool will be great for monitoring how much I’m exhausting myself before I can get to that point.

As for the simplifying, I made a shopping with to always go with unless I’m feeling creative. The outlet fruits & veggies get rotten really fast, so I bought frozen things and applesauce, jams etc until I can get to a regular grocery store by bus and then freeze smoothies so I don’t have to go that often! I also am going to make a basic plan for clothes, like a bunch of perfectly interchangeable skirts/shirts/underwear type deal for every day (again unless I feel like being creative) and then stuff I can add or take away based on weather (overshirt, gloves, scarf, etc.) 

I also recommend HabitRPG to make sure you get those daily tasks done that just aren’t inherently motivating or that you are too depressed to be motivated for. I use it to make sure I eat and drink enough especially. 


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May you find cute clothes that fit you when you go thrift shopping

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Be humble for you are made of earth.
Be noble for you are made of stars.
- Serbian Proverb  (via candyclot)

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doodling something peaceful to the music on my doodle blog  u q u

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